Thursday, November 5, 2009


Can you hear me?
Do you hear the song I'm singing to you?
Every part of my soul is woven in those words
You do still love me, right?

Do you still believe in me?
Because I'm having trouble believing in myself
Am I still of worth?

I know you'll always love me
But the whispers in my head stab my thoughts with doubt
You're voice resonates as you say "goodbye..."

Fill me with life again
I want to live
I want to change the world
Will you hold on with me?
Will you make today a brighter day?

I want to sit with you in a field and talk for days
Gaze at the stars and see the sunrise
I don't want to let you go
Please don't go.

I'll be your friend as many days as there are stars
I'll love you to eternity
Will you love me?

I know I don't always make sense
But isn't there something kinda beautiful about that?

I wish you could see how I see
Feel how I feel
Love how I love.
Don't sit on the sidelines
Run with me.
We can make a difference
Just take hold of my hand.

Don't ever stop snapping the camera
These memories need to be kept
Otherwise they'll fade away
And I'm not sure I could handle that.

Don't forget me, ok?
I'm still here
In motion
I'll break if I stop
So I'll keep going.

My love is free.
My life is Yours.
Take it
Use me
Change me into something amazing.
For You.